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whether it’s web designing, music, literature, or digital marketing related we can offer you the best digital services to suit your needs.

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Music distribution

Online stores like iTunes , Spotify, Deezer and others are accessed by millions of music fans around the world giving signed and unsigned artists the chance to get their tracks out to a global market and starting to make money from their music . We offer our customers a good range of prices that includes distributing your music on all the major music platforms around the world.
From: R300 ($17)

music promotion

We offer our customers a wide range of deals that includes many ways of promoting their music globally. Such as airing your track on international radio stations. All our radio stations are monitored by WARM, digital Radio,Tracker and MusicDNA. This allows you as the artist to gain royalties for your music if registered with ASCAP provider affiliates such as SAMRO. From:R600 ($35)

book publishing

Historically, if you wanted to publish a book, you needed an agent to get a publisher to look at your manuscript which can be rejected by the publisher and even if you actually got a publishing deal. They keep the majority of your royalties. But the game has changed, let us turn you into a self-published author, we proofread your manuscript, format it into a paperback and ebook version and get it published on major Book platforms such as Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble, and more. From:R2000 ($120)

book promotion

Getting your book published doesn’t guarantee earnings, that’s why we help independent authors to promote their ebook and paperback on social media, blogs , google search, banner ads and radio stations around the world. From:R600 ($35)

website & logo designing

In today's time everything is done online , having a website provides a scalable method for getting your business out there and establishing it as a trusted authority , a website can help you showcase your services, and products and better position your business. At Linkboy Digital we guarantee you that we can Design for you a professional SEO friendly website, with advanced themes and plugins:
From : R1700 ($100)

digital marketing

A properly planned and well targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods. You can easily track and monitor your campaigns and make a lot of money. Let us be your digital marketing agency , leave the work to us and we will make you happy. Contact us for a quote according to your needs

online business creation

The Covid19 has reminded us all that anything can happen at anytime , with people around the world losing jobs and big physical stores closing down many of their branches , it is now more than important to think of other ways to make an extra income or an income you can live on . That's why at Linkboy Digital we came up with an " Online Business Opportunity Package " to help you start an online business that has high revenue possibilities ( You can make R800-R1500/day) . We set everything up for you , you will not need to deal with stock or do coding as the website & mobile app will be autopilot , and you also get premium features to easily manage your online business. We have three online businesses to choose from: •Amazon or Coupons Affliate website •Dropshipping website •Android Mobile Game Price:R5500 ($325)

lyric & animation video

A lyric or an animated video is the best way to emphasize your art , behind every song there's a story to tell and sometimes a simple audio isn't enough to catch your fans attention. At Linkboy Digital we help you tell your song's story without you blowing your money box. From:R900 ($55)

vevo video distribution

Compelling video is critical to any artist’s success in today’s music industry, therefore it is also important to have your video viewed where it matters . Additionally VEVO is exclusive , not everyone can publish their videos on the platform , all major artists signed under Sony Music and Universal Music have their presence there.
Price: R1700 ($100)